Art in the Raw - Creating Mixed Media Artwork Paintings on Canvas

Mixed media is not something I do often. I started working with it about a year ago and I love playing with it, creating new images, texures and finished items beyond my normal scope of painting with acrylics and oil.

This painting is 6 x 6 x 2" and is called GIRL POWER.

Created with images, stencils, stamps, ink, acrylics, paper.

I  was inspired to create something that showed women through time, 
starting with a 50'sish woman, a girl from the 80's (power suit), modern women.

This one is also on deep, stretched canvas 6" x 6" x 2"


Mixed Media artwork

Lots of femininity in this one with images, stamps, ink, acrylics, paper.

I love vintage so this was my ode to vintage women, fashion, femininity.

I hang them together and they look great because they are similary-inspired as well as the same tones/colors.