Thursday, August 31, 2017

Putting Art on Wheels and Taking It Back to the Streets

“Thanks to people like Banksy, this kind of art has made its way into the gallery,” Mr. Colsa, 45, said here recently. “But I thought it would be interesting and challenging to do the opposite — to get artists out of the gallery or the museum and ...

A Catskills Art Scene Makes a Splash With Free Curry
Ranging in age from toddler to 70-something, the crowd on a recent evening dined on cucumber gazpacho, short ribs, local vegetables and free curry, in a stylishly bohemian scene that is part community kitchen, part social experiment and part art ...

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Brilliant Business Of Art: How CAP UCLA's Kristy Edmunds Corrals The Power Of Creativity

Artist, Curator and Artistic Director of UCLA's Center for the Art of Performance, Kristy Edmunds has headed the Melbourne Festival in Australia and the Park Avenue Armory in New York. Here, she shares why it's crucial — and highly profitable — to ...

How TV Became Art
(“My object is to learn what it's like to live with that new branch of entertainment which its trade press persists in calling the Video Art,” he wrote.) At the time, there were fewer than seven thousand television sets in all of Manhattan, and an ...

Taiwan to host LGBTQ show following landmark same-sex marriage ruling

A few months on, a Taiwanese art museum is set to achieve another milestone by hosting what it believes to be the first major exhibition dedicated to LGBTQ-themed art in Asia. Titled "Spectrosynthesis -- Asian LGBTQ Issues and Art Now," the upcoming ...

Art Briles Gains, and Then Loses Pro Coaching Job in Canada
HAMILTON, Ontario — The Canadian Football League and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats capped a confusing night on Monday by announcing that Art Briles, former Baylor football coach, would not be joining the team as an assistant after all. Less than 12 hours ...

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Ai Weiwei's citywide public art project elicits protest from Village neighborhood group

This fall, Ai Weiwei and the Public Art Fund will team up for a massive citywide art exhibition titled Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, which will see the installation of more than 300 pieces throughout the five boroughs. The project is one of Ai's ...and more »

Art Briles hired as assistant coach by CFL's Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Former Baylor football coach Art Briles, who was fired last year following the university's investigation of its handling of allegations of sexual assault by students, was hired Monday as an assistant coach by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian ...

BMW's Art Cars: A blend of art and speed

Unveiled at Art Basel in Miami in November, it was tearing up the track in Daytona in January: The BMW M6 GTLM painted by renowned artist John Baldessari is a high-performance racing machine. As BMW Motorsport's director put it, "On the outside, ...

It's not the same old Fort Mason anymore as Art Institute moves in
On the first move-in day for the new San Francisco Art Institute at Fort Mason, Sherwin Rio arrived at 6 a.m. to unload a U-Haul full of art supplies and other items — drills, hammers, rope, paint, boxing gloves, ceremonial Filipino shirts, cans of ...and more »

Monday, August 28, 2017

10 years after pit bull attack, teen heals through art and dreams of ...

A Chicago teen who was mauled by pit bulls 10 years ago heads to college — with a plan to study what got him through some tough times: art.and more »

Taking the art on the road
Noah Coats, 4, son of Erin and Seth Coats of Beardstown uses a water gun to spray paint onto a canvas during the Art in the Park and Taste of Beardstown Saturday. Samantha McDaniel-Ogletree | Journal-Courier · Samantha Cash, 16, of Athens, Michigan, ...

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Animals in Art on display

The exhibit presents more than 35 works by Goshen Art League members and will run until Sept. 25. Cute cats and dogs, strong horses, majestic and fun birds, fierce tigers, flamboyant alpacas and many more are included in this menagerie of artwork ...and more »

Art Street kicks off in Green Bay
“That there's stuff still that people make by hand. There's still the artist and the art crafts, the hand-made stuff.” Artists who travel across the country say there's nothing quite like the energy at Green Bay's Art Street, reminding us the ...

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Mumbai's Art Deco buildings survive against the odds

Mumbai, India (CNN) Hidden in the back alleys of a bustling Mumbai neighborhood lies an Art Deco masterpiece with a colorful history. The Liberty Cinema symbolizes a unique architectural amalgamation known as "Bombay Deco." Dating back to the year of ...

10 years after pit bull attack, teen heals through art and dreams of helping others
Bluetooth speakers, a computer printer and, most important, photos of his younger self. When the 18-year-old is thousands of miles away at Maine College of Art in Portland, he'll use the pictures to remember — and to explain to new friends — exactly ...and more »

Lots of Caveats for Art Buyers on Cruise Ships

To some, Royal Caribbean's fleet of fifteen cruise ships are just big boats, but looking more closely one can see that they are actually floating art galleries. Hallways, lounges, dining and recreation rooms all contain a wide assortment of original ...and more »

Art Movements
This week in art news: Charlottesville shrouded its Confederate monuments while other US cities removed theirs, the Village Voice revealed it will cease its print edition, and a museumgoer left a trail of blue footprints after stepping on an Yves Klein.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Art Once Shunned, Now Celebrated in 'Queer Archaeology; Queer Abstraction'

The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, which has a lively show called “Found: Queer Archaeology; Queer Abstraction” on through the fall, is itself an archaeological project of many layers. The museum officially opened last spring, but has ...

The Art School Survival Guide
An education in art can be a wonderful thing. But if we're being real, it also fosters a weird environment, full of pretentious kids who think they're the next Dali. It doesn't matter if you're studying film, writing, painting, or design, the arts ...

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Port Clinton Art Festival replete with couples melding art, life

Ron and Liv Colbert of Texas with some of the Fusion Art they create by weaving canvases painted by Ron into a series of photographs taken by Liv. The couple is exhibiting at the Port Clinton Art Festival this weekend. (Colbert Family).

Art you can ride in: Beijing Olympics' fireworks guy is set to send glowing pedicabs up the Parkway
This is the world of Fireflies, Cai's evocative homage to the Parkway. Commissioned by the Association for Public Art with curator Lance Fung of San Francisco's Fung Collective, Fireflies will be introduced to the public in a ceremony and performance ...and more »

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Here's a chance to see art that helps heal the wounds of war

When service members leave the military, they often bear internal scars. Although those injuries can reverberate through every aspect of a person's life, they can't be seen. Art therapy is used to make these inner struggles tangible and help heal those ...and more »

Art you can ride in: Beijing Olympics' fireworks guy is set to send glowing pedicabs up the Parkway
This is the world of Fireflies, Cai's evocative homage to the Parkway. Commissioned by the Association for Public Art with curator Lance Fung of San Francisco's Fung Collective, Fireflies will be introduced to the public in a ceremony and performance ...and more »

Monday, August 21, 2017

Artist Gives PS1 Jewel Case Art A Modern Makeover

Well the man never rests, and some of his latest work includes modern redesigns of the jewel case art for some classic PS1 games. The halls of great video game box art are filled with some really beautiful gems, but as of late it feels increasingly ...

Solange Announces New Outdoor Performance Art Piece
Solange has announced a new site-specific performance art piece called “Scales.” It's set to take place October 8 in the field where American artist Donald Judd's installation “15 Untitled Works in Concrete” is showcased at the Chianti Foundation in ...and more »

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Kara Walker, 'Tired of Standing Up,' Promises Art, Not Answers - The ...

In a statement, she expressed frustration at the idea that art could solve the nation's racial problems.and more »

Mercedes uses art deco inspiration for electric car concept
Luxury vehicles from the 1930s were nearly aircraft carrier-long. It was the art deco era dominated by seemingly never ending clean lines. So it's no surprise that the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet is over six meters long (about 20 feet) and has ...and more »

Northwest Indiana experts weigh in as art, race issues converge in Confederate monument debate

A passerby stops to take a picture of the statue of Confederate Gen. Thomas Stonewall Jackson at the West Virginia State Capitol Complex on Wednesday in Charleston, W.Va. At a protest on Aug. 13, around 200 people gathered on the State Capitol complex ...and more »

In Serbian Refugee Center, a 'Little Picasso' Dreams of Art and Asylum
Farhad Nouri, 10, originally from Afghanistan, has won acclaim for his artwork, but he spends his days dreaming of asylum for him and his family.and more »

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Fall Art Preview

The most ambitious show of the season is the Guggenheim-filling “Art and China After 1989: Theater of the World,” which takes the Tiananmen massacre as its jumping-off point and traces the radical cultural transformations that followed through a ...

'Art of the Deal' Ghostwriter Thinks President Trump Will Resign Before the End of the Year
The ghostwriter of Donald Trump's famous memoir The Art of the Deal doubled down on his prediction that Trump will resign the presidency before the end of the year. "The snowball is beginning to gather momentum as it comes down the mountain," Tony ...

Friday, August 18, 2017

How Tattooed Mom became Philly's premier street-art museum

Camera icon ELIZABETH ROBERTSON. Tattooed Mom owner Robert Perry jumps from one amusement car to another in the upstairs street art gallery at the Tattooed Mom. by Samantha Melamed, Staff Writer @samanthamelamed |

One Art Lover's Crusade To Catalog The World
If you're a famous dead artist, nothing welcomes you to the canon quite like someone sitting down and meticulously recording every piece of art you ever made. These records become a compendium, often several volumes long, called a catalogue raisonné.

How The Blockchain Is 'Disrupting' The Art Economy As We Know It

Vincent Van Gogh, Sammy Davis Jr., Edgar Allen Poe and William Blake. What unites this list of stunning artists in their various fields? All of them died penniless, victims of an artist and patron society that largely ignored the artist while ...

Kara Walker: Art Can't Solve the Nation's Racial Problems - The ...
In the shadow of Charlottesville, viewers may to come to the artist's fall show expecting answers. Her statement acknowledges they may be disappointed.and more »

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Norton's after-school program takes art into community

The Afterschool Arts Outreach program — which provides teachers and supplies for about 600 kids ages 5-18 in underserved areas of the county — was recently named one of 50 finalists for the 2017 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award.

Scotland Yard's Art and Antiques Unit heading for closure
Scotland Yard looks set to close its Art and Antiques Unit, according to a former head. Its three detectives have been reassigned to help the Metropolitan Police's investigation into the Grenfell Tower fire, in west London, which killed more than 80 ...

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

These incredible works of art will make you look twice

Now, nearly five decades after the term was first coined by art dealer Louis K. Meisel, the works of some of the movement's most influential artists are being displayed together at "From Lens to Eye To Hand: Photorealism 1969 to Today," a new ...

How A.I. Is Creating Building Blocks to Reshape Music and Art - The ...
An artwork created using DeepDream, which researchers at Google developed in 2015. The newer work at Google, with Project Magenta, involves music, and ...and more »

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The rise of public art in South Carolina

David Boatwright's work — part art, part commercial signage — is scattered throughout the downtown area. In Columbia, a growing number of murals and sculptural pieces are adding a colorful dimension to a city so enthusiastic about public art that it ...

Winter Is Always: An Andrew Wyeth Retrospective Opens At The Seattle Art Museum In October
Time forgets many things, among them that in his day, Andrew Wyeth caused endless controversy. Art critics considered his realistic landscapes and portraits inspired by his immediate surroundings in Pennsylvania and rural Maine to be overrated. But the ...

Monday, August 14, 2017

This Small Museum Serves As An Art Hub On Samos, The Island Of Pythagoras

SAMOS, Greece -- In the east part of the Aegean Sea, this island has the usual hallmarks of a peaceful travel hotspot: homey restaurants, fisherman's boats and stray cats sleeping in the sun. It also has one unlikely addition; a contemporary art venue ...

The Lost Art of Stealing Fruit
My own weakness, unlike Grandma's, is limited to fruit. In the school fiction of yesteryear, “scrumping” was what schoolboys, primarily, did in orchards. Nowadays, with fried-chicken shops on every corner, the art of fruitnapping is lost. Not, however ...

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Google's Diversity Controversy Mocked in Street Art Near Office

The posters were plastered onto bus-stop benches and behind glass looking like official advertisements. The politics of Google has been in the spotlight since the online giant seemingly fired an employee for challenging liberal orthodoxy. It's a ...and more »

Even for Philanthropists, Museums Can Make Art a Tough Give
But as an art historian, Mr. Jordan was sure it was actually a work by the 17th-century master Diego Velázquez. He bought the painting for 1,000 pounds — much less than a Velázquez would have cost — and had it shipped to his home in Dallas, where it ...and more »

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Art Industry News: Jonathan Jones Slams Jim Carrey's 'Astonishingly Bad' Art + More Must-Read Stories

If Donald Trump Were an Art Critic – Two jokers on Instagram have imagined what the president might say if he were trying to Make the Art World Great Again. Jeff Koons is his favorite; he is less than impressed with Cindy Sherman's selfies ...

Get up close to classic sci-fi props, art and costumes
A range of fascinating artefacts from the history of science fiction are on display at "Into the Unknown", an exhibition currently running in London's Barbican Centre. We went along to check out the cool movie props, imaginative concept art and ...

In Washington, a Truly Underground Arts Scene

Washington is often portrayed as the staid bureaucratic center of the United States, where a transient young population is drawn only by the job market, and where rocketing property prices limit the fringe art scene. Artists earn their spot at a ...

Best of Second Saturday
Axis Gallery →. “I Just Start Kissing,” a mixed media work by Gini Holmes that pairs a found image of past art with a contemporary quote by a present day celebrity, is included in the 12th Annual Axis National Juried Exhibition, judged this year by ...

Friday, August 11, 2017

Painters Artists Decorators in Oro Valley | Painting Art Decorating Contractors

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

How art could help encourage kids to study science

Mixing art and science started very early for Kari Byron. “I remember distinctly sitting there with a Cheerio box and a roll of tape, and trying to recreate a human skull, like a little sculpture,” she says, recalling her earliest memory of tinkering ...

Mele Murals: Street Art of Hawaii
Estria Miyashiro, who studied art in San Francisco and became an international graffiti star, comes home to reconnect with his culture. John Hina (aka "Prime"), a local icon of the Honolulu graffiti scene, returns to his art after becoming a family man.

'NBA 2K18' News: New Art Dev Diary Shows Off Enhanced Visuals And MyPlayer-Creation Options

Things just got real on the NBA 2K18 hype train. Kevin Durant in NBA 2K18. On Tuesday, 2K released the first in-game video from the upcoming game, and if there were any questions as to whether this year's title would look better than NBA 2K17, those ...and more »

Mauston studio hosts Art the Park
Krista Postell, former director of Art Expressions, works on a gingerbread man for the Mauston Christmas Parade last December. The art studio is hosting a fundraiser at Riverside Park Aug. 12. Kevin Damask, Star-Times. Artists in the Mauston area will ...