Working in a Series for Artists - What and why you need to do this

Modern Sunset
24 x 60 x 1.5
Textured acrylic on canvas

I didn't understand the value, the freedom and the opportunities that working in a series presented to an artist. Just recently I finally "woke up" and got it (late bloomer)!

Working in a series provides an artist the ability to explore a look, feel, technique, color palette, etc. to its fullest. Instead of putting out one or two and then moving on to new and exciting techniques (meaning those not used yet), a series can help you truly develop a style, a technique, a medium and develop "a look" for a segment of your paintings/artwork.

I didn't really get that I was already working in a series with many of my sunset/landscapes and nature-inspired paintings. I'm self-taught so a lot of things come to me in my own good time. The old adage "When the student is ready, the teacher appears" seem to be my mantra.

My new series MODERN SUNSETS is exploring sunsets over water, over land, at various times with various colors. Sunsets are one of the FAVORITE things in life. I live in the desert SW where we get some of the most glorious sunsets on earth, so I plan to put some of what I see the greatest artist ever (Mother Nature) into place!

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