Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Alex Poots, Performance Art Impresario

That art more than music resembles nature. We have eyes as well as ears, and it is our business while we are alive to use them.

Doctor Strange Concept Art Resembles A Terrifying Marvel Villain

There are dozens upon dozens of concept art and costume designs that go unused in any given blockbuster film, and the same may be doubly true for a comic book movies.

Art World Speculates About Trump's Artistic Tastes

Donald Trump is known for speaking and tweeting what's on his mind but hasn't revealed much about his taste in art.

The best of Amsterdam Art Weekend

The 20-ft work shows a tidal wave unleashed by melting ice caps sweeping away people, animals, art and buildings. The apocalyptic landscape consists of thousands of images cut out of magazines and collaged together in blocks made from multiple sheets ...

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

'Symbiosis' art exhibit unites art and biology on Nov


29, the Neuroscience Honor Society, Nu Rho Psi will be hosting "Symbiosis," an art event that's focused on the life sciences.

China Cites 'The Art of War' as Trump Signals Trade Battle

There's a Chinese saying that stems from the philosophy in Sun Tzu's ancient text “The Art of War”: You can kill 1,000 enemies, but you would also lose 800 soldiers.

Art binds Daytona Beach to Cuba

But Batista was a patron of the arts, and Libby likened his contributions to the Cuban art scene to John F. Kennedy's contributions to Americans.

Art is not an escape — it's our most powerful weapon against apathy

Acting as an invitation, the assumption is that should the reader continue reading, eventually the details of whatever scandal has harmed her reputation will emerge.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Art of Aging: Kitchen of Love

A woman from Philadelphia's Mount Airy section has dedicated her life to feeding her neighbors in need. (WPVI). WPVI. Thursday, November 24, 2016 01:40PM.

A growing work of art

I usually limit my fertilizer applications to two to three times during the growing season. They always recover nicely with a good soak from the sink sprayer and sunlight from a north window.

New Yorkers Turn Feelings About Trump into Subway Art - Forbes

When Donald Trump won the U.S. Presidential election earlier this month, many folks in New York City took it very hard. The city voted overwhelmingly for Hillary ...

Art gallery opens its doors

Andrea Johnson/MDN Ethan Thom's “Figure in landscape with crows” is on display at the Artspace Suite 1 Gallery in downtown Minot.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Alcohol served at Laguna's art walk draws police attention

For more than a decade, some Laguna Beach galleries and art-related businesses have served complimentary wine and beer to guests browsing collections during the First Thursdays Art Walk - a free monthly. The owners may not have known they needed ...

Healing Through Art

MIAMI (Ivanhoe Newswire) - When they first know their child has an incurable disease, parents understandably want to spare no expense in trying to help.

'Art AIDS America Chicago' exhibit a comprehensive showcase

More than 140 works by such nationally known artists as Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Keith Haring, Annie Leibovitz, Robert Mapplethorpe and Tino Rodriguez will be on display in this fourth and final stop of the exhibition, which has been locally titled “Art ...

Art Directors Guild Honors Four With Lifetime Achievement Award

The Art Directors Guild is honoring four members with its Lifetime Achievement Award during their 21st annual Art Directors Guild Excellence in Production Design Awards, set for February 11 at Hollywood and Highland.

Friday, November 25, 2016

There's An Undertale Art Book

Most of the games I feature here on Fine Art tend to be big, beautiful, AAA extravaganzas. Today, though, will be a reminder that no matter how simple or retro a game's visuals may be, someone still had to go and design all of its stages and characters.

A folk art collection both strange and familiar

You can see them all, along with paper dolls, miniature tea sets, a wooden baby walker, ceramics, glassware, paintings, a quilt, and much else besides in “Making It Modern: the Folk Art Collection of Elie and Viola Nadelman” at the Addison Gallery of ...

Berkeley muralist draws from the personal and political for her art

She worked in the fields until the birth of her son, and then obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in teaching from UC Santa Cruz, followed by more study at the San Francisco Art Institute, where she learned techniques from two of Rivera's assistants.

Forget about the art of the deal. How will Trump deal with the arts ...

The easiest thing is to expect the worst. How could Donald Trump, snippy tweeter, reality TV huckster and the only human to give “Hamilton” a bad review ...

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Los Angeles museum shows the art that accompanied Luther's Reformation

At this time, art was gradually liberated from its religious context and appreciated for its aesthetic power. This marked the beginning of an era in which the independent artist played a central role.

Brooklyn Arts Council Celebrates 50 Years With Affordable Art Sale, Party in Dumbo

Boost the arts in Brooklyn and find some affordable art for your own walls or a friend's at the Brooklyn Arts Council's annual art sale and holiday party in Dumbo. There will be snacks, cocktails, and the opportunity to purchase paintings, photographs ...

SundayReview|Donald Trump's Art of the New Deal?

Dwight D. Eisenhower, campaigning in 1952, spent eight years expanding Roosevelt's New Deal, contrary to Republican orthodoxy including free-market, anti-New Deal principles espoused by House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Amanda Reid | Art-iculation

To give context, I promised myself at the beginning of 2016 to make one piece of art every day, documenting it daily on an Instagram page.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

MYTHBUSTERS Art Show Pays Tribute to Adam and Jamie

The original MythBusters may have turned in their blast shields, but their influence lives on. During its 14-season run, the Discovery Channel show was nothing less than the best science show since COSMOS.

Art lovers escape the snow to shop at MACC's annual Holiday Art Sale

"What you learn is kind of the art of retail and also that particularly art is quite personal, so what appeals to one person's eye may not appeal to another's so it's kind of exciting and it generates a lot of creativity," said Mindy Flanigan, an ...

Art Exhibits Highlight White Mountains

Inspired by the state's famous mountain range, the art dates back to the 18th century and includes landscape paintings by the likes of Benjamin Champney and Winslow Homer.

Parkersburg Art Center opens three exhibits

Photo by Brett Dunlap Three exhibits opened Sunday at the Parkersburg Art Center featuring woodturning, photography and the work of female artist from Appalachia.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Notes From the Underground: Looking Back at Street Art's Peak in "Eleven Spring"

Street art has always been transgressive, with underground artists marrying beauty with the power of illegal actions--art that went hand in hand with the very real danger of arrest. Now street art and graffiti have transitioned into a mainstream genre ...

Julio Le Parc and Art That Won't Stand Still

PARIS - The suburban Paris home studio of the Argentine artist Julio Le Parc, widely considered a pioneer of Op Art and Kinetic Art, is a circus of hands-on - sometimes anarchic - delights. In one of a series of rooms surrounding an overgrown ...

The art of becoming Santa

Santa Sam Hopeck of Commerce Township, Michigan rides the Polar Express train during a field trip from the Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School in Midland, Michigan, U.S.

UTRGV holds event that highlights impact of local art scene

Activating Vacancy Arts Incubator Artists-in-Residence Celeste De Luna, second from left, holds a workshop in wood block printing Saturday in conjunction with the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) event #Subculture Urban Art Experience in ...

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Views in the Valley art show

Millbrook High School student Kiara Torrey won the Views of the Valley art show sponsored by 29th District Delegate Christopher Collins at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley with her work, "Fox by the Stream".

Celebrate Two of Disney's Most Prolific Directors With This Incredible Art

It's called “An Art Tribute To The Disney Films Of Ron Clements & John Musker” and it's presented by Cyclops Print Works, Gallery Nucleus, Disney Fine Art, Oh My Disney, and Walt Disney Feature Animation Studio. The show opens at 7pm on November 19 ...

Art On Center hosts its Small Works Show

Art On Center invites you to its 3rd Annual Small Works Show & Fine Craft Fair, Saturday, November 19 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Light Blight: Art Project Breathes Life Into Empty Buildings - ABC News

Windows in more than 150 abandoned buildings in three upstate New York cities have been fitted with light-emitting diodes that steadily brighten and fade, ...

Friday, November 18, 2016

Art Brexit L.A.

As the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end”. So last Sunday, I went to the Getty Museum to say my goodbyes to its exceptional exhibition London Calling, which presented the works of six major artists - Lucien Freud, Francis Bacon, Leon ...

Art Is More Important Now Than Ever—And We Can All Do Better

At Portland Art Museum, I witnessed Native photographers Will Wilson, Wendy Red Star and Zig Jackson gracefully challenge the legacy of Edward Curtis, the white ethnographer whose documentation of Native communities had frozen them in time for a ...

After Election, Miami Fair Flip-Flops on Hosting Anti-Trump Art Project

The “bus display” is the former Trump campaign bus turned rolling anti-Trump protest art project that Mihelic and Gleeson, of leftist art collective T.Rutt, spent the past year driving to Republican rallies. The “flag” is a large US flag that T.Rutt ...

Claremont Museum of Art to open in historic depot on Sunday

After operating as a roving “museum without walls,” the Claremont Museum of Art is scheduled to open its new permanent home Sunday at the Claremont Depot.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Artist Marketing Online: The Pros and Cons of Owning Your Own Site    I've worked in marketing/communications for years. Long before I became "an artist." I still wonder if I truly can call myself that sometimes. I've worked with websites and online marketing quite a bit, I thought I'd share what I've learned. Just a few tips to nibble on:

Pros of using a pre-made "artist" website provider:

They have great templates, beautifully set up to fully enhance your art

They handle the .html and coding - you usually just drag and drop

They have a large network of sites meaning they usually have a large Google footprint

They have a "one price" situation that makes it easy to get started (vs. paying a host, a website builder, etc.)

Pros of making your own site/hosting/design:

Limiting - As a my own website designer and builder I can post whatever I like. I can add .html code, sign  up forms, polls, new art, payment buttons, etc. It's mine; I own it; I control it.

Lots of time spent working in learning, cropping and enhancing my photos, making the site look cohesive

Many hours of SEO/SEM to get seen and found

I control what's on my site - no ads, no disturbances, no other artists, etc.

I'm not driving traffic to the website provider. I'm driving traffic to me; my sites. Usually as a part of a larger network, the provider gets the traffic meaning you are driving traffic not only to you, but to other artists as well.

Cherry-pick options: I can choose what options I want to included and pay for. If I don't want something, like a mobile site, I don't pay for it.

I don't pay extra for videos, music, photos, etc. Usually adding media to your site with a hosting provider costs extra.

Just starting out? Having a site with a well-known art-site provider is a great way to start. But spend some time learning some basic SEO and online marketing to start driving traffic you your own blog, Etsy pages, etc. Soon you'll be able to have a cohesive, well-marketed online presence.


Bernie Taupin Talks Art and the Stars & Stripes

Alongside works comprised of found stuff, twine, wood and toys, an array of battered but ultimately whole visions of the American flag complete “Antiphona,” Bernie Taupin's new collection of works.

Beacon Project to lure Fisher Building visitors with art in arcade

The exhibition launches what building developers Peter Cummings and Dietrich Knoer are calling the "Fisher Beacon Project" - an umbrella term for using art and design to activate the arcade interior, embrace the spirit of the neighborhoods and loop ...

Could Trump Be Good For Art?

Within minutes of the presidential election results gurgling to reality, the calls began to combat tyranny with, among other things, art. To see the early signals that we may be entering a fertile creative patch, search Twitter for the phrase "start a ...

“Maya” in my America: Illusions of truth about art, culture and immigrant anger

My parents moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1984 from Ahmadabad, India, to attend Eastern Michigan University, a school they had chosen randomly from a decade-old college brochure collecting dust at their undergraduate library in India.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Broken, Defaced, Unseen: The Hidden Black Female Figures of ...

Robin Coste Lewis writes about the artistic representation of black female bodies in Western paintings, sculptures, and tools through the centuries.

Bodhgaya to host international art exhibition Gaya Biennale in December

Bihar Art and Culture Secretary and patron of the event, Gaya Biennale, Chanchal Kumar told reporters in Patna, “This is going to be the biggest art activity in Bihar that would now take place once in two years. The biennale is a curated exhibition and ...

Bizarre erotic art heist unravels

It was part of a bizarre investigation to say the least for police in the quiet town of Lantana. But one officer is finally speaking out about how his team cracked the case.

Washington Show Celebrates the Art of the Quran

“The Art of the Qu'ran” is the first major exhibition of its kind in the United States. It can be seen at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, which is part of the world famous Smithsonian Institution.

Monday, November 14, 2016

For Trump, art of the transition

Author: Philip Rucker, Dana Priest, Karen DeYoung , The Washington Post; Updated: 1 hour ago; Published 1 hour ago.

Baylor Confirms Art Briles Knew About Alleged Gang Rape And Chose Not To Report It

Former Baylor head football coach Art Briles and former athletic director Ian McCaw knew about an alleged group sexual assault and chose not to report it, according to a statement issued yesterday by the university.

In Memory of Rosamond Bernier, “The World's Most Glamorous Art Lecturer,” We're Reprinting Her 2011 Vogue Profile

Rosamond Bernier, the respected art scholar and lecturer, died Wednesday, aged 100. Five years ago, upon the publication of Bernier's memoir, Leslie Camhi profiled the one-time Vogue European Features Editor, who secured exclusives from the likes of ...

Why It's a Great Time to Be Buying Collectible Art

The pickings will only sweeten going forward, according to LAMA, as large numbers of baby boomers downsize and decide to sell off their art collections while the market is strong rather than pass them down to their children. “It's surprising how many ...

Sunday, November 13, 2016

'The Art of the Qur'an,' a Rare Peek at Islam's Holy Text

WASHINGTON - “The Art of the Qur'an: Treasures From the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts,” at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery here, is the first major United States display of handwritten copies of Islam's holy text.

SHINE Program Hires Art Teacher

While some schools focus just on STEM - without the arts - leaders at SHINE have been trying to find ways to add more creativity to the mix.

Los Angeles hoping to host George Lucas' art museum |

Los Angeles is making a big push for George Lucas to locate a proposed art museum in Exposition Park rather than San Francisco.

Germany appoints first Jewish members to Nazi-loot art panel

The German culture minister Monika Grütters has appointed the first Jewish members to the so-called Limbach Commission—a panel established in 2003 to ...

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Working in a Series for Artists - What and why you need to do this

Modern Sunset
24 x 60 x 1.5
Textured acrylic on canvas

I didn't understand the value, the freedom and the opportunities that working in a series presented to an artist. Just recently I finally "woke up" and got it (late bloomer)!

Working in a series provides an artist the ability to explore a look, feel, technique, color palette, etc. to its fullest. Instead of putting out one or two and then moving on to new and exciting techniques (meaning those not used yet), a series can help you truly develop a style, a technique, a medium and develop "a look" for a segment of your paintings/artwork.

I didn't really get that I was already working in a series with many of my sunset/landscapes and nature-inspired paintings. I'm self-taught so a lot of things come to me in my own good time. The old adage "When the student is ready, the teacher appears" seem to be my mantra.

My new series MODERN SUNSETS is exploring sunsets over water, over land, at various times with various colors. Sunsets are one of the FAVORITE things in life. I live in the desert SW where we get some of the most glorious sunsets on earth, so I plan to put some of what I see the greatest artist ever (Mother Nature) into place!

See more of my art and my series paintings at

Friday, November 11, 2016

Why I need art

At universities like Duke, where STEM fields are encouraged and a liberal arts education is viewed in terms of “T-reqs” rather than as a part of being a well-rounded individual, it seems like art is looked down upon as being “lesser” or “easier.” Aside ...

Where best to experience art? At home or in the museum?

Where best to experience art? At home, from the comfort of your couch, or in the museum, walking around quiet, white-walled galleries?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Art world gathers to honor famed sculptor Robert Morris | Page Six

Former security guard Wade Guyton recalls studying under Morris.

5 visual-art happenings around Seattle this week

The Henry Art Gallery will host an open house to celebrate its fall exhibitions, including a comprehensive show of photographic work by American photorealist (and Monroe native) Chuck Close.

The Trump Art Dump

Since then we've seen collages, Photoshop jobs, video art, Deepdream remixes, a tombstone, a hijacked bus, and a nude portrait of the Republican presidential nominee with a micropenis, all attempting to come to terms with the bigot who captivated so ...

BoxHeart and Phipps Conservatory exhibit links nature with art

Painterly creation meets conservation as three artists physically connect the dots between nature and art in a new exhibition in two places.