Review: GOLDEN FIBER PASTE - My artworks I've created with this interesting product

I have used GOLDEN textures for a long time. If you know my art at all, you know I LOVE texture!

I create many, many pieces of artwork with texture of varying types -- either poured medium, thick pastes, rough and bumpy, smooth and geometric ...all of it!

I would say the fiber paste falls into the rough and bumpy category. This is a newer texture for me to work with , but I'm really enjoying it.

Here's why:

The fiber paste spreads easily for a large coverage area, so it's good for large paintings. I've used this one a few recently and once dried, the paste gives an absorbent base so the painted laid down (liquid acrylics) react like a controlled watercolor. Cool!

Here's one example:

This painting has centered texture created with fiber paste.
It has a bumpy texture -- very organic.

Another painting I worked on with fiber paste is LAKEHOUSE

This has lots of texture throughout and a soft, watercolor feel, although I used acrylics.
See more fiber paste paintings and various looks on canvas and board: