Thursday, July 21, 2016

Creating SEA LEGS, a contemporary abstract art painting by KR Moehr - A step-by-step tutorial

On a 30 x 30 canvas (lightly textured and with a coat of soft blue glaze
and metallic gold)
After first coat dried, I added some deep turquoise and more gold.
More wash of yellow, green and blue added.
A "sky" added in a wash of white and gold.
My kitty Topaz thinks it's not done yet.
I tend to agree.
Final artwork:
Blue and light turquoise wash and drips added.
Bits of the blue and gold peek out from underneath.
This artwork is available exclusively
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Creating abstract art: A quick demo on making a painting step-by-step

On an artboard (gessoed and primed) I laid down
some basic gold, yellow, fuschia, pink in a random pattern
Next I used a little water and glaze to "mix" them
together and blend. I want a soft finish so after a thorough
blend I let it day.
Then I applied a ratio of 1:3 titanium white and glaze medium to
give it a very soft and muted finish.
Final painting!
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Textured Abstract Art Paintings by KR Moehr - Original Modern Textures ...

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