Monday, March 17, 2014

HOT FEATURED ARTIST: Marko Stout - Multimedia Artist

About the Artist: Marko Stout is a multimedia artist based out of New York City, best known for his stimulating narratives of contemporary urban society, where subjects often appear in a moderate state of distress, overwhelmed by their modern high-tech uber-paced environment, while still maintaining a chic detached sexy demeanor of a sophisticated twenty-first century city dweller.

Name of piece: "Martini Dog in Green"

Description of the piece: "Martini Dog" was produced as a light heart jab at fellow New York artist Jeff Koon and his “Balloon Dogs” with a sophisticated ribbing of the “cute” cartoonish homogenization in today’s art environment as well as the “Disneyfication” of Times Square with ”pretty little sentimental creatures... I believe that behind these smiling eyes there lurks an icy and ferocious beast fearfully stalking us!”

Medium: A limited giclee print on archival paper

Size: 183 cm x 122 cm

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