Friday, September 6, 2013

Artists: Should you pay to have your work displayed?

There are varying thoughts on vanity galleries and publishers. These range from acceptance to outright rage. I personally don't feel the rage many artists have about it; I feel like it's a way to get your art out there just like paying to advertise. I guess it's my marketing background and the understanding that it might be better to pay a little to get your art in front of people vs. having it stacked up in your studio.

However, I don't like when these galleries and publishers use shill tactics to get you. I find that the case, even with me. I got a call the other day and played phone tag with a person expressing interest in my art and wanting to ask questions about it. Upon actually speaking to this person, I found it was a salesperson wanting me to advertise.

Other artists experience the same thing. Here is one post I felt worthy to pass on:

Featured Artist: ELVIN

Green Spine by Artist Elvin, Oil on Canvas ( 24"x48")@2013