Monday, May 6, 2013

Featured ARTIST: Hand-Drawn Mazes by

Hand Drawn Mazes

These are not the mazes I drew as a kid, but recent drawings.

I draw these hand drawn mazes with a .05 mechanical pencil. In the beginning my wife, Jacqui, colored in a few of the mazes with colored lead mechanical pencils. The problem with the colored leads is that they only came in .07 size, and there were only 7 colors. As well as we couldn’t change the color once applied.

We now color the mazes with photoshop because we have a huge palette of colors to choose from.
I start these mazes by drawing in the picture that will be the theme. Once the pictures is sketched in I add the Start. Working out from there, I loosely keep track of the “winning” path as I draw and split the paths around the page filling in the picture to draw it out. These hand drawn pencil mazes are quite difficult to solve with many branching paths that also merge back together to reduce the number of dead ends and confuse the solver even more. :D

It takes me approx 14-16 hours to draw the maze. Then there is another 12 hours in editing and coloring. I use a .05 mechanical pencil, an eraser guard, 40# bright white paper and a wrist rest (to keep my hand from smudging already drawn lines). The thick paper is nice because the grooves (subtle but tangible) dug into the paper by the pencil lead helps me start and stop lines by feel, not just by sight.

They are great art pieces to look at – and when you want to get closer and see the details – then you can follow the maze.

We have more mazes than these as well. We’ll post more as I get photos of them taken. Click each photo for larger picture.

They are sturdy, printed on Card Stock paper, and the colorful 11×8.5 pages and can be purchased in the Store! $2.50 each!