Working with acrylic mediums (or how to avoid rookie mistakes)

Soft Place to Fall
Working with acrylics mediums:
When I first started painting, I didn't understand the value of mediums with acrylics. I used water to thin my paints (rookie error) and then I'd returned to find them dried and without any depth or worse, diluted beyond use.

Then I got over my "cheapness" and started to use the matte or gloss mediums to help dilute my paint. I started working with glazes--which I love-- and also gels. I have a newfound appreciation for the abilities I have when working with mediums. It adds depth to my work (I feel).

So...if you're thinking of increasing your abilities and fun-factor in your painting, stock up on some mediums and play with them. You'll find those that suit you and those you can do without.