Artists: Are you naming your website properly?

Art: How to name your website for search expsoure
Think like a web searcher when adding your site title. 

For example, if you want to book a vacation to Hawaii, do you type in “Tom Kona’s Hawaiian Adventures” or “book trip to Hawaii”? You may never have heard of Tom Kona or his Hawaiian Adventures, but if he’s listed with the title or keywords of “book trip to Hawaii,” you’ll probably find him anyway!  

The same will go for you and your art. Even if you’re relatively unknown, you can get great search results for very specific keyword phrases (Note: keep your keywords at least two or three words long for the most specific results).

The title is the most important. This is what people will see when they find your site listed at Google or Yahoo. It’s the line that will describe your site, so make it good. You only have one or two lines under your heading in the search engines, so it must be descriptive and compelling. This is where your title and description would be listed.

The title tag for any particular web page is noted by the <title> tag and ends with the </title> tag. The text that appears between these two tags is what will appear in the browser in the main display bar at the top. For instance, if this were a website, the .html title code would read
<title>Art Marketing Made Easy, Sell More Art, Artist PR</title>
Notice that we don’t first list our business name or even that this is a book? The most relevant items are listed (art, marketing, artist, PR, sell).

Sample from amazon book Art Marketing Made Easy!